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New York Style Pizza Made From Scratch

From the six real ingredients that we use to create our small batch pizza dough from scratch every day. To the 100% whole milk mozzarella we shred right from the block. We bake your pizza in piping-hot stone deck ovens using our original pizza sauce recipe, so your pizza is simply authentic, every time.


Fresh Green Salads

Get your daily dose of greens from our generous salad selections. We use fresh-cut romaine, pulled from a garden, never from a bag. Add a side salad to any pizza, share a large or make one your meal.

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Classic Italian Pastas

We’re obsessed with great pizza, but that doesn’t mean we can’t be in love with pasta too. Our pasta dishes are crafted with the same passion that we put into every pizza. We use traditional Italian pasta, the way a true neighborhood New York pizzeria would.

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Hot Hero Sandwiches & Subs

Enjoy a proper hero sandwich, sauced and baked to perfection in our seasoned stone deck ovens. Topped with melted mozzarella on hearty artisan bread. For that perfect combo of crunchy and chewy with every bite. From our hot hero sandwiches to our cold Italian sub, we have something for everyone.

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Traditional Italian Desserts

There’s a reason dessert comes at the end of your meal. If it was at the beginning, you wouldn’t eat anything else. From a flaky mini cannoli to a traditional slice of New York style cheesecake or a simple chocolate chip cookie, this is how your meal should end.