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A Small Pizzeria Doing Big Things

Over three decades ago in the heart of Denver, Anthony’s Pizza & Pasta began serving authentic New York style pizza. We focused on freshly prepared ingredients and quickly became the benchmark for pizza by the slice across Colorado.

As we’ve continued to grow throughout the Front Range, we’ve built an atmosphere of community engagement in some of the most prominent Colorado neighborhoods. Increased demand and opportunities for growth within the pizza industry have kept Anthony’s Pizza & Pasta top of mind and positioned for success for years to come.

Leading the way as one of Colorado’s top Pizza Franchises

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Steady Growth, for Over 30 Years

Anthony’s is the original New York style pizzeria in Colorado, and our product centric approach has brought us consistent growth for over 30 years. Award winning recipes and increased demand in our markets allow us to focus on profitability and thrive in the current environment. At Anthony’s, we strive to be the best at what we do. Now’s your chance to get involved with our success.